Medium Taxi Toplight Model T2

Medium Taxi Toplight Model T2

Code: MTTt2


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Product Description


Made from high quality 3/16 acrylic, 12 volts, LED main lights, 19 1/2" long x 8" wide x 6 1/2" high with Double Tattletale.


  • Main body has 6 LED lights and 2 light bulbs.
  • Pick from 22 different high quality vinyl letters in 14 different colors.
  • Weather seal.
  • Optional magnetic base system (3 magnets) with 16-2 black stranded wire, 12 feet long, plug into cigarette lighter with swith.
    • Magnetic base top light needs to be detached prior to car washing.
    • Magnetic base should be cleaned before each use.
    • Magnetic bases can scratch car paint if slid on surface.

    NOTE: The magnetic doesn't have a separate wiring from the tattletales, vacant sign and main light, the switch on the cigarette lighter will be controlling all at once. Also, if you opt out the magnetic base you have to do your own wiring, there will be a top light and led/bulbs, but no extra cable.